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Three Year Community Development Plan

Three Year Community Development Plan

The Three Year Community Development Plan is prepared as a requirement of the Community Development Block Grant Entitlement Program application preparation process.  The purpose of the Plan is to provide a rational and effective basis for identifying community development needs based on consideration of available data and coordination with community leaders, to set short and long term objectives, and to design activities that meet these objectives.

All activities identified in the Plan must meet one of three national objectives.  The principal goal of the CDBG program is to benefit low and moderate income persons through community conservation and stimulation of economic development.  Also eligible for CDBG funding are activities that advance the national objectives of eliminating slums and blight and meeting urgent needs. 

Huntingdon County Planning and Development Department staff reviews and updates the Three Year Community Development Plan annually using various sources of information including:  survey data; recent planning studies; and from input from various sources including public hearings, municipal leaders, community agencies, the Planning Commission, and the County Commissioners.  The nine member Huntingdon County Planning Commission advances comprehensive community planning at the county level by reviewing the county's needs and recommending planning and community development priorities to the County Commissioners.  A thorough Citizen Involvement methodology that exceeds CDBG Program requirements, and that is outlined later in this Plan, is employed to gather input on community development needs of Huntingdon County.

As required by CDBG Regulations, Huntingdon County prepares  yearly applications for Huntingdon County, Smithfield Township and Huntingdon Borough.   

The full Three Year Community Development Plans for FFY 2022, FFY 2023 and FFY 2024 submitted in October 2022 with the FFY 2022 CDBG Application are available by clicking the links below: