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Please be aware that only: Plastic, cans, paper, cardboard and magazines are accepted at the Fairgrounds drop-off site. SorryNO GLASS

Important: All information presented here is for general educational purposes, and some sources provide different information. You should conduct addtional research or contact your local DEP office here.


Recycling Resources & Information

Interested in composting?

 Check out the DEP guide here.

Learn what hazardous materials may be in your home here.

*Please note*

The county does not have a standing hazardous material recycling program.

Learn how to control food waste. 

About Fluorescent light bulbs & Mercury

Read more here.

Understanding Plastic

Not all plastics can be recycled, which is why some recycling sites/centers require them to be seperated.

(Source: Sierra Club, Ohio)

2023 Electronic Recycling Event

160 tons collected!

Electronics Disposal?

Check out the options below:

Staples Recycles

Centre County Recycling Center

*Please Note*

The county does not have a standing recycling program for electronics.

The PA Department of Environmental Protection has a free recycling booklet.

Interested in volunteering?

Live in Huntingdon Borough?

The borough maintains its on residential recycling program.

Have Scrap to Sell?

Hollenbaugh's Trash Service buys various scrap metals. Contact them at: 814-643-6950


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