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Bridge Office

Bridge Office

This office is responsible for the maintenance, reconstruction, and construction of twenty bridges located on township roads throughout Huntingdon County. Maintenance responsibility on one additional bridge is shared with Blair County.

Since 1980 the County has replaced eight bridges:

  • Frehn (T-313, Springfield Township)
  • Maddensville (T-308, Springfield Township)
  • Watkins (T-341, Clay Township)
  • Shade Gap (T-358, Cromwell Township)
  • Beavertown (T-368, Todd Township)
  • Cunningham (T-516, Jackson Township)
  • Matthews (T-333, Springfield Township)
  • Harpers (T-344, Dublin Township)

Corbin Bridge, a unique one-lane suspension structure, (T-428, Juniata Township) underwent major rehabilitation in 1998.