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Huntingdon County Strategic Plan

Huntingdon County Strategic Plan

The Huntingdon County Government Strategic Plan is designed to identify short-range goals and objectives that can be realized over the next two to three years.   A strategic plan should be seen as a planning process, not a document.  This plan was developed through the work of the County Commissioners in cooperation with all elected and appointed department heads during the summer of 2008.  The plan is being implemented with the assistance of all departments.

Mission Statement

“Huntingdon County government will provide essential public services with pride and professionalism.  Services will be delivered in a fiscally sound and unified manner using available resources to enrich Huntingdon County socially, economically and environmentally.”


I.  Goal:  Improve financial management in Huntingdon County Government through increased measures of attainment.


II.  Goal:  Improve internal communication among staff and between departments and external communication with the public.


III.  Goal:  Provide adequate infrastructure to support county services.