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Ping 4 Alerts Emergency Management Alert and Notification System

Ping 4 Alerts Emergency Management Alert and Notification System

 ping4alerts! is our local emergency information and alerting resource and AlertPA delivers emergency and state government alerts. These notifications and updates are available to steer, guide and warn you on all your devices.


Ping4alerts! is an emergency communications platform that allows public safety agencies to send high precision, location-based emergency alerts to people in their community. The system leverages the location-based services of today’s smartphones and tablets to send multimedia alerts and messages to users based on their location and categories of information they opt in to receive.  You can learn more about the system at http://www.ping4.com.

Huntingdon County Emergency Management will use this platform to reach the broadest possible number of individuals within our jurisdiction, on devices that you use every day, in order to help you stay informed and make the best possible decisions on keeping your loved ones safe.

This does not replace the AlertPA - BROKEN Link system.

The Ping4Alerts! project is made possible with investment from the Huntingdon County Local Emergency Planning Committee

Ping For Alerts FAQs

Huntingdon County EMA posts information from the Ping4 system automatically onto our Twitter account.  You can receive an SMS (Text Message) on your cell phone whenever we post new information.  This includes both important public information (major extended road closures, shelter locations, etc.) and the WEA (Wireless Emergency Alerts) critical alert information.

To sign up, send a text to: 40404 and write in the body of the message: follow huntingdoncoema  Once you send the text, a reply text should say: Welcome to Twitter! and will follow with instructions on how to use our text messaging system.  While subscription to our Twitter feed using SMS is free, if you do not have an unlimited text message plan on your phone, you could be charged per text.  It is your responsibility to ensure your plan covers receiving text messages.  Typically, we send less than 5 messages per month unless there are many incidents.

The WEA alerts will be pushed to all cellular phones in the hazard zone even if they have not signed up to follow our posts.

You can : but feel free to Visit Us on Facebook or Follow @huntingdonCoEMA on Twitter! 
NO.  This system is built to be anonymous in nature and is designed for us to be able to inform people who are in our communities without requiring any personal information on who they are.  If you submit an anonymous tip, we still cannot identify you unless you choose to type in your return contact information.
YES. We are not replacing AlertPA - BROKEN LINK as that system offers additional, valuable information from multiple sources as well as a reliable connection to the state alert and warning center.  Our system is intented to supplement other systems and fill the gaps that historically have made alert messaging less effective for most receivers.
Huntingdon County does not have a reverse 911 system for landline phones.  You can continue to receive important emergency alert messages using the NOAA Weather Alert Radios, checking our website as well as following broadcast media (television, AM/FM radio.)  While each of those emergency systems will not provide all of the rich content that the application and social media can offer, urgent information that can save your life and help you stay safe will be broadcast on each and every one of the available communications systems.
YES. This application does not allow you to request emergency services to respond.  You are able to send anonymous tips in reply to some messages, but there is no replacement for 911 in the case of emergencies.

Download Ping4Alerts

App User Interface Reference Image

You can download the application user manual and instructions by clicking on the button below.