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Disaster and Emergency Fact Sheets, Guides & Videos

Disaster and Emergency Fact Sheets, Guides & Videos

Fact Sheets and Emergency Guides

Special thanks to the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency for their assistance with a number of these fact sheets.

  • What to do in a Hazardous Materials Emergency
  • Terrorism - BROKEN LINK
  • After a Disaster: Hiring a Contractor - BROKEN LINK
  • Earthquakes - BROKEN LINK
  • Extreme Heat - BROKEN LINK
  • Fire Safety During And After A Flood - BROKEN LINK
  • Floods and Flash Floods - BROKEN LINK
  • Repairing a Flooded Home - BROKEN LINK
  • Mold and Mildew - BROKEN LINK
  • House and Building Fires - BROKEN LINK
  • Landslides and Mudflows - BROKEN LINK
  • Pets and Disasters - BROKEN LINK
  • Thunderstorms and Lightning - BROKEN LINK
  • Tornados - BROKEN LINK
  • Wildland Fires - BROKEN LINK
  • Winter Driving - BROKEN LINK
  • Family Disaster Supplies Kit - BROKEN LINK
  • Safe computing tips - BROKEN LINK
  • Preparedness for People with Disabilities - BROKEN LINK
  • Pennsylvania Emergency Preparedness Guide (PDF) - BROKEN LINK
  • Pennsylvania Guía de Preparación para Emergencias (PDF) - BROKEN LINK
  • Citizen's Emergency Personal Protection Guide - BROKEN LINK

Informational Videos

Special note - the films below are provided for your viewing due to their historical, informational or educational value - they are not intended for use as instructional film.  Films for instruction covering a variety of topics related to emergency management are available for viewing at our office.  Viewer discretion is advised.

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