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About Us

About Us

EMA Team

Huntingdon County EMA Team

Our Keys to Success

** Special thanks to the team at RESTEKCorportation in Bellefonte, PA, whose values and beliefs so closely matched ours that we adopted their inspiring system **

  • 200% in everything we do
    • 200% service means we strive to exceed your expectations, every time you contact us.  No less than maximum effort is our organization’s culture.
  • Innovate all aspects of our service
    • Innovative solutions to community needs have been, and always will be, hallmarks of our agency.
  • Execute
    • (do what you say you are going to do, when you say you are going to do it)

When we make a commitment to deliver a service, technical support, or other needs, and you are depending on us, we will make every effort to meet that commitment in a timely manner.

Our Mission

It is our mission and purpose to help protect the residents and visitors of Huntingdon County through effective planning for, response to and recovery from natural and man-made disasters that occur.  We serve our community through the provision of incident response management and coordination, research and development of mitigation strategies, and assisting communities and individuals recover from the effects of major disasters.

Our CORE Value

  • 200% in everything we do
  • Mutual Trust and Respect
  • In The Light
  • Constructive Disagreement
  • Fast Failure (learn quickly from mistakes)
  • Celebrate Success
  • Pride in our work                    

We work toward making our Core Values and Expectations of our Organization guidelines by which we live our personal lives as well as our professional service lives. “In The Light” means literally every growth and operational decision made by our agency is open to review by any volunteer or staff member.

Because our growth and success is dependent upon the welfare of our volunteers and staff, living these values and expectations is mutually beneficial to our clients, our organization, and every agency member.