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Sheriff's Deputy

Job Title:
Sheriff's Deputy
Posting Place:
Huntingdon County Sheriff

Job description

I This position exists under the direct supervision of the Sheriff to serve the court of common pleas, assist in the prevention of crime and enforcement of laws and regulations, provide services to the citizens of Huntingdon County, and assist other law enforcement agencies. The Deputy Sheriff is a sworn officer charged with the protection of life, limb, and property.

Job Duties/Responsibilities

1. Service of civil process, writs of execution, making levies, seizing
2. property.

2. Transport prisoners to and from jail, court, correctional institutions, state and federal and any medical facility assuming responsibility for safety, custody, and control and shall give priority to the responsibility of that prisoner while in his custody.

3. Serve warrants, court orders, etc. and make arrests.

4. Service of protection form abuse orders, including eviction of the defendant from the property, and confiscation of weapons.

5. Provide security for the Judge, court and court trials and all persons within the Court House as well as all other County owned facilities. Screening of
People entering the Court House and operating an X-Ray machine to screen packages.

6. Provide assistance to other law enforcement agencies and other County agencies such as Probation, Domestic Relations, Children's Services, and
Mental Health when needed.

7. Prevention of crime and criminality, including detection and apprehension of criminals when applicable. Examining any person whom he believes to be engaged in unlawful activity and investigate or assist the proper agency in the investigation of such persons or activity within the scope of his authority.

8. Process background checks for applicants of firearms permits issuing same and issue firearms permits to County firearms dealers.

9. Perform general office duties, answering phones and other routine tasks necessary to maintain a viable Sheriff's Office.

10. Act as a representative of the Sheriff with his same authority.

11. Subject to call-out in a time of emergency and will respond with reasonable expedience and effort.

12. Able to react productively to change and handle other essential duties as assigned.

Job Specifications

Deputy Sheriff - 2

A. Education - High school diploma or equivalent required. Completion of the Deputy Sheriff's training academy Not less than 760 Hours, passing all aspects of the training schedule and be issued a certification number in order to work and perform the required duties. Required to complete 10 hours of update training yearly. Must qualify in the use of firearms yearly.

B. Experience - Law enforcement training preferred but not mandatory.

C. General Requirements

Ability to speak and write English effectively.

Ability to communicate in an appropriate manner and get along well with others.

Ability to understand and follow complex oral and/or written instructions.

Ability to make major decisions using good judgment and acting in accordance with established policies and procedures.

C. Specific Requirements

Ability to operate a motor vehicle operate a motor vehicle and a two-way radio.

Good working knowledge of Huntingdon County geography.

Thorough knowledge of rules and regulations pertaining to State and Local laws of Criminal and Civil procedures.

Some knowledge of Court procedures.

Must be able to Pass Physical Fitness Test Prior to attending Sheriff’s

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Salary: $15.00 - $15.38 per hour



  • Dental insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Vision insurance




  • Monday to Friday
  • Overtime


Work Location: In person

Posting Date:
Monday, July 24, 2023
Expiration Date:
Thursday, August 31, 2023
Contact Name:
Heather Fellman