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GIS Mapping Specialist

Job Title:
GIS Mapping Specialist
Posting Place:
Huntingdon County Mapping
I. GIS Mapping Specialist Department - Mapping Supervisor - Mapping Director/Commissioners Job Code - 65 Date Revised – April 2018

II. Job Statement The principal responsibility of the GIS Mapping Specialist is to develop and maintain various maps and related data in support of the Huntingdon County Geographic Information System and 911. This is a professional cartography position requiring knowledge of the principles and practice of cartography and GIS. The Mapping Specialist will perform his/her functions in a relatively independent fashion according to established procedures and policies and will work under the general supervision of the Mapping Director.

III. Job Duties/Responsibilities
1. Create and update maps and related data using ESRI GIS Software. Map data include but are not limited to the following: roads, minor civil divisions, physical features, fire service areas, water and sewer service areas, street names and addresses.
2. Implement the “Huntingdon County Street Naming and Addressing Ordinance and Policy” by identifying current addresses and assigning new addresses in accordance with the Ordinance. Coordinate street names with local municipalities as necessary. Assign new addresses and maintain necessary maps and records.
3. Create and maintain a database of streets and addresses known as a Master Street Addressing Guide (MSAG) for use in the County’s 911 System.
4. Develop customized maps, web maps, and mobile applications for use by other County departments, emergency services, and the public.
5. The collection of data by telephone, mail, or field survey along with data analysis. Such data may include address locations, subdivision data, surveys, windshield surveys of housing conditions and similar information.
6. Writing reports to summarize data required for planning or reporting purposes in connection with mapping activities.
7. Assist Mapping Director with updates and maintenance of Mapping Department Website and Web Mapping Application.
8. The interpretation and presentation of data in map and graphic form.
9. Assist the GIS Director and staff in maintaining county tax maps as required.
10. Assist the GIS Director by designing and preparing graphics, maps and charts for various County departments as required.
11. Operate computer, photo copier, map plotter, binding machine and similar office equipment for reproduction of correspondence, maps and reports.
12. Collection of GPS/GNSS data using Trimble data collection technology.
13. React productively to change and handle other essential duties as assigned.

IV. Job Specifications
A. Education - B.S/B.A. from a college or university with a major in geographic information systems, planning, geography or equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities.
B. Experience - Some experience in the field of planning, surveying, cartography, and drafting or information technology is highly desirable but not required.
C. Specific Requirements -
1. Knowledge of cartographic techniques.
2. Knowledge of deeds and property descriptions including interpreting metes and bounds descriptions. 3. Skill in producing maps in both manual and computer aided environments.
4. General knowledge of community planning principles and techniques.
5. Knowledge of geographic information system and/or computer assisted drafting software such as, ArcGIS, ArcEditor, ArcServer, and AutoCAD.
6. Skills in operating personal computer or computer work station. General knowledge of Microsoft Office products.
7. Ability to operate a motor vehicle and possess a valid PA Driver’s License.
8. Ability to make complex mathematical computations.

D. General Requirements
1. Ability to speak and write English effectively.
2. Ability to understand and follow simple oral and/or written instructions.
3. Ability to communicate in an appropriate manner and get along well with others.
4. Ability to make decisions using good judgment and acting in accordance with established policies or regulations.
5. Ability to operate basic office equipment.
6. Ability to work effectively with the general public.

E. Physical Requirements
Lifting/Pulling - 0
Climbing/Balancing - 0
Stooping/Bending - 0
Standing/Walking - 3
Grasping/Reaching -5
Repetitive/Dexterity -5
Sitting -5
Hearing -5
Speaking -5
Vision -5
Environmental Inside -5
Outside -4
Wet/Dry -0
Cold/Heat -0
Noise/Vibrations -0
Hazards -0
Fumes/Dust/Odors -0
Posting Date:
Monday, January 30, 2023
Expiration Date:
Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Contact Name:
Heather Fellman