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Corrections Officer

Job Title:
Corrections Officer
Posting Place:
Huntingdon County Jail
I. CORRECTION'S OFFICER – Part-Time Department - Huntingdon County Prison Supervisor - Warden Date Revised – March 2019

II. Job Statement This position exists to supervise, control, and care for all inmates at the Huntingdon County Prison, handling all appropriate services and maintaining logs of same.

III. Job Duties/Responsibilities
1. Able to assume operation and maintenance of the control panel, supervising traffic flow within the Institution.
A. Monitor closed circuit television cameras and maintain visual supervision of the main cell block.
B. Answer incoming calls and screen all persons attempting to enter prison, checking all body count/cell cards.
C. Conduct roll calls, complete daily shift report, collect officers reports, and maintain daily log.
D. Accept money for inmates and issue receipts.
E. Inspect and record incoming and outgoing mail.
F. Assign cell placements for new commitments in the absence of Warden or Deputy Warden.

2. Able to assume the duties and responsibilities of Block/Commitment officer.
A. Responsible for the commitment and processing of all new prisoners completing all necessary booking papers.
B. Strip search inmates entering or exiting Prison.
C. Maintain appropriate observation checks on all inmates in lockup and conduct body counts.
D. Conduct inspections and security checks.
E. Escort inmates and visitors to and from various areas and supervise Doctor's visits and sick call.
F. Maintain all necessary logs and ledgers.
G. Dispense medications, assist with meal serving and supervise clean up detail.
H. Distribute and collect mail.

3. Able to assume duties and responsibilities of Roving Officer.
A. Supervise kitchen, laundry and work release areas.
B. Serve meals, supervise trash removal, and supervise recreational activities and deliveries.
C. Conduct inspections, security checks and strip searches.
D. Escort work release inmates.
E. Distribute and collect mail. 4. Able to react productively to change and handle additional essential duties as assigned.

IV. Job Specifications
A. Education - High school diploma or equivalent required.
B. Experience -
C. General Requirements Ability to speak and write English effectively. Ability to understand and follow simple oral and/or written instructions. Ability to communicate in an appropriate manner and get along well with others. Ability to make minor decisions using good judgment and acting in accordance with established policies or regulations.
D. Specific Requirements Ability to operate basic office equipment including typewriter and telephone. Ability to operate a control panel and two way radio. Ability to work under stressful conditions. Ability to work in potentially hazardous/dangerous conditions.
E. Physical Requirements
Lifting/Pushing - 5
Climbing/Balancing - 1
Stooping/Bending - 3
Standing/Walking - 5
Repetitive/Dexterity - 1
Grasping/Reaching - 3
Sitting - 3
Hearing - 5
Speaking - 5
Vision - 5
Environmental Inside - 5
Outside - 0
Cold/Heat - 0
Wet/Dry - 0
Noise/Vibrations - 1
Hazards - 0
Fumes/Dust/Odors - 0
Posting Date:
Monday, July 24, 2023
Expiration Date:
Contact Name:
Heather Fellman