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Huntingdon County Children & Youth Services
I. COUNTY CASEWORKER Department - Children and Youth Services Supervisor - County Casework Supervisor Date Revised – February 2013

II. Job Statement This position exists under the direct supervision of the Administrator to assess the needs of children and families and develop and implement services for same in compliance with relevant laws, regulations and policies.

III. Job Duties/Responsibilities
1. Act as 'intake duty worker', obtaining the necessary information for ascertaining the needs of clients and assisting them in obtaining appropriate services such as placement of children and adults in foster or adoptive homes, day care centers, domiciliary care facilities, or institutions.
2. Participates in the formal and informal training programs which provide basic knowledge relative to agency purpose, services provided, client population characteristics, and applicable laws, methods, procedures, rules and regulations governing the operation of the agency.
3. Learns about the network of available community resources by reviewing resource files, site visits, and working with and observing higher level caseworker staff.
4. Serve as emergency services on-call worker during non-Agency hours.
5. Conduct investigations/studies of reports/referrals coming into the Agency and schedules and conducts interviews and follow-up visits to provide service and counseling.
6. Develop Service Plans and provide direct services to children and families including counseling and evaluations and arrange for and monitor these services.
7. Conduct and/or participate in administrative or judicial reviews of service plans as required by relevant regulations and policies.
8. Maintain up-to-date service records for each case.
9. Prepare testimony and testify at judicial hearings.
10. Complete and submit case-related reports, forms and documents as required by laws, regulations and policies.
11. Perform protective service functions, taking emergency custody of children when necessary.
12. Evaluate foster care homes, perform unannounced visits to clients and visit children in placement facilities.
13. Transport clients to appointments when necessary.
14. Attend appropriate training courses and staff meetings and coordinate meetings with parents and service providers.
15. Guides clients in home budget management, housing, child care and parenting skills, employment, recreation, and living arrangements.
16. Makes referrals to other public and private social services and community agencies and resources to meet client needs; assists clients and their families in understanding and utilizing these resources.
17. Able to react productively to change and handle other essential duties as assigned.

IV. Job Specifications
A. Education/Experience - High school diploma or equivalent required. Bachelor's degree with 12 credits in Social Science Bachelor's degree in Social Science or two years experience as County Social Services Aide 3 in the field of employment and an Associate Degree in sociology, social welfare, psychology, gerontology, criminal justice, or other related social sciences or any equivalent combination of experience and training which includes 12 college credits in sociology, social welfare, psychology, gerontology, criminal justice, or other related social sciences.
B. General Requirements Good working knowledge of office terminology, procedures and equipment, including a typewriter and telephone. Ability to speak and write English effectively. Ability to type from clear copy or rough draft at a reasonable rate of speed. Ability to understand and follow simple oral and/or written instructions. Ability to communicate in an appropriate manner and get along well with others. Ability to make minor decisions using good judgment and acting in accordance with established policies or regulations.
C. Specific Requirements Ability to operate a motor vehicle and possession of an automobile. Ability to work under stress. Knowledge of the basic principles of economics, gerontology, sociology, psychology, and other social science. Knowledge of current social, economic, and health problems and their impact on the growth and development of people. Knowledge of human development and behavior including the individual, family and group. Ability to understand and accept the needs and rights of others and to work with adults and children who are physically challenged, mentally disabled, emotionally troubled, and economically disadvantaged. Ability to learn, interpret, and apply relevant laws, regulations, and policies governing agency services. Ability to learn how to conduct individual and family interviews and to use them to identify individual and family problems. Ability to plan and organize work, prepare adequate records and reports, set priorities, and learn to maintain a caseload in an effective and timely manner.
D. Physical Requirements Lifting/Pulling - 0 Climbing/Balancing - 0 Stooping/Bending - 0 Standing/Walking - 2 Grasping/Reaching - 0 Repetitive/Dexterity - 3 Sitting - 5 Hearing - 5 Speaking - 5 Vision - 5 Environmental Inside - 5 Outside - 1 Heat/Cold - 0 Wet/Dry - 0 Noise/Vibrations - 0 Hazards - 0 Fumes/Dust/Odors - 0
Posting Date:
Monday, January 30, 2023
Expiration Date:
Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Contact Name:
Heather Fellman