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Company Puts New Spin on Recycling!

Company Puts New Spin on Recycling!

The Tune Company produces products from old albums and 45s.  The records and jackets are cut in various ways to make unique and functional coasters, lamps, key rings, notebooks and magnets.  The glory days of vinyl are behind us, but these are the times music lovers hold dear to their heart, says Bob Ross, President of the Tunes Company.  Our unique products allow people of all ages to enjoy the memories of the vinyl days without having to crank up the old turntable.

So many album jackets are great pieces of art, I felt something could be done for people to enjoy them again.  The album jackets are cut to different sizes, spiral bound as journals, notebook and address books.  The result is an incredibly appealing notebook or journal.  They're available by music style: rock, disco/dance, classical, country and jazz.

The albums are cut leaving only the label.  These labels are used to produce coasters and magnets.  The coasters are waterproofed, then corked on one side.  They make great coffee table conversation pieces, or add a little personality to your desk.

The old 45s are also recycled.  The inside label of the 45 is cut to make very novel and attractive key rings.  The 45s are also used in making a brand new line of lams from Tunes.

After the center of the 45 record or album is removed, the remains are delivered to a company that re-uses the vinyl to produce new records.

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