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Huntingdon County Trivia Questions

  1. What Star of the 1969 movie "The Love Bug" resides in Huntingdon County?
  2. Juniata College, located in Huntingdon County, offers one annual scholarship to a student with what unique qualification?
  3. What "Crown Jewel" of Pennsylvania covers 8,300 acres of Huntington County?
  4. William Smith founded the settlement of Huntingdon.  Can you name the man who was William Smith's archenemy?
  5. What famous optical instrument was manufactured from high quality sand quarried near Mapleton, Huntingdon County?
  6. The largest marina in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is located in Huntingdon County.  Do you know the marina's name and the number of boats housed there?
  7. What is the name of the only operating narrow gauge railroad located east of the Rockies, and where is it located?
  8. What past President of the United States of America travels to a favorite trout-fishing hole in Spruce Creek, located in Huntingdon County?
  9. Name (3) of the (6) Natural Areas in the Roth Rock State Forest.
  10. Who are the 2 new inhabitants of the Huntingdon County residing at Raystown Lake?
  11. Who is Rothrock State Forest named after? 
  12. The stands of Penn State's Beaver Stadium holds 106,537 people.
  13. How many times would the population of Huntingdon County fit inside the stadium?

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