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2012 Fishing Licenses

(Valid from January 1 - December 31)

     PA Resident  

Adult   (16-64)

$ 22.70  

Senior Resident  (annual)

$ 11.70  

Senior Resident – Lifetime

$ 51.70*

1 Day Resident (not valid 3/15 - 4/30)

$ 11.70

National Guard & Armed Forces Reserve

$  2.70**

Annual Resident POW

$  2.70

Senior Resident Lifetime POW

$  2.70

100% Disabled Veteran with DAV Card



Adult (1 year) (16-up)

$ 52.70  

7 Day Tourist (16-up)

$ 34.70  

3 Day Tourist (16-up)

$ 26.70  

1 Day Tourist (16-up...not valid 3/15 - 4/30)

$ 26.70


Trout/Salmon Stamp 


Lake Erie Stamp 


Combo Trout/Salmon/Lake Erie Stamp 


License Replacement 

$  6.70  

Please Note: A person fishing in a lake or impoundment designated as "approved trout waters" is required to have a current trout/salmon permit if he or she takes, kills, or possesses a trout or salmon.
     Senior Information
* Senior Resident Lifetime License - Issued by th Fish and Boat Commission's Headquarters and Regional offices, the County Treasurer's Office, and other authorized agents.
Senior Citizens may purchase a Senior Resident License or a Senior Resident Lifetime License anytime during the calendar year that they reach 65.
When purchasing a trout/salmon stamp for a Senior Resident Lifetime License, the stamp will be valid for the lifetime of the license holder. If lost, a new stamp will have to be purchased along with the replacement license.
     Military Information
Military Waiver - To be eligible, an angler must be a bona fide Pennsylvania resident, be on active duty, be stationed outside of PA, and be here on authorized leave. Also, proof of requirements must be carried such as a PA driver's license, military ID card, and valid military orders showing the place of assignment and leave status. While fishing, military ID must be displayed in the same way as a fishing license.
Military members who are stationed in Pennsylvania under PCS orders for 6 months or more, with documentation, qualify for a resident fishing license. All others must obtain a non-resident or tourist license.
**Guard & Reserve members qualify for the special rate if they have been deployed overseas for at least 180 consecutive days, within the previous 24 months, with documentation.
Annual Resident POW License - Applicant must be a bona fide Pennsylvania resident and provide official military documentation that applicant is a former prisoner of war.
Senior Resident Lifetime POW License - Applicant must be a bona fide Pennsylvania resident, meet the age requirement, and provide official military documentation that applicant is a former prisoner of war.


The Treasurer’s Office is open

Monday through Friday

8:30 AM to 4:30 PM


Fishing licenses are also available at most local Sporting Goods Stores.

Fishing license questions should be directed to Richard S. Irvin, 814-643-3523

FISH FOR FREE DAYS - Monday, May 28 and Monday, September 3, 2012

Link to Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission (  

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