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Huntingdon County Prison
The Huntingdon County Prison was built in 1978, at a cost of $1,113,000.  The Prison is designed to hold both sentenced Inmates and Inmates that are being detained pending trials.  Inmates can be held at the County Prison for up to five years.  The Prison has a maximum capacity of 48 inmates that are housed in 25 cells.  Entrance to the two-story structure is located at 300 Church Street and is at the upper level, which contains a lobby and waiting area, Visitor's Room, Attorney's Conference Room, Warden's Office, holding cells, Medical Exam Room, and vehicle vestibule.  Also on the upper floor are 15 men's cells, a Control Center and a Booking Room.  The cells are arranged in a "U" pattern, opening directly onto a central multipurpose room.  The lower floor includes the work release cell block, kitchen, boiler room and storage space and provides access to the exercise yard.
   The Huntingdon County Prison is managed by the Warden, and also has a Deputy Warden, three Lieutenants and 21 Correction Officers.  All of the Staff attends a five-week training academy run by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.
   The Prison is overseen by the Prison Board, which consists of the three Commissioners, the Treasurer, the Judge, the District Attorney, and the Sheriff.
 The rules of the Huntingdon County Prison are designed to facilitate a reasonable amount of constructive interaction among inmates and staff, while providing order to manage the prison.

No smoking The Huntingdon County Prison is a tobacco free facility. Tobacco and tobacco products are not permitted at the Facility.

Huntingdon County Prison
300 Church Street
Huntingdon, PA  16652
(814) 643-2490
(814) 643-8179 - fax

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PA SAVIN is Pennsylvania’s automated victim notification system and part of our state’s commitment to support victims of crime. This service provides crime victims, their families and their circles of support with free, confidential notification regarding an offender’s release, transfer, or escape. The PA SAVIN service includes offenders under the supervision of county jails, state prisons and the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole.
No one should depend solely on this service or any other single program for protection. If you feel you are at risk, take precautions and contact your local victim services program.

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