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Huntingdon County Children’s Services

Educating parents in Huntingdon County

“When you know better, you do better” ~Maya Angelo


Huntingdon County Children’s Services is a federally-mandated, state-administered, county-run Protective Services Program for children who are abused and neglected.  This Agency serves children, youth and their families and works to ensure the safety and well-being of Huntingdon County’s children and youth. 


Our MISSION is to provide quality services that promote safety, permanence and well-being for the children, youth and families of Huntingdon County.

Our VISION is to ensure the safety, permanence and well-being of the children, youth and families of Huntingdon County.

Our VALUES are:

Ø  COMMITMENT: Ensuring the safety, permanency and well-being of children and families.

Ø  COMMUNICATION:  Having open, honest contact with families and service providers.

Ø  COMPETENCY:  Remaining current and well informed in Children and Youth practices, community services and regulations.

Ø  CONFIDENTIALITY:  Respecting the child and family’s rights to privacy.

Ø  CULTURAL DIVERSITY:  Being knowledgeable and having respect for the different cultures within our communities.

Ø  SELF DETERMINATION:  Respecting and promoting the family’s right to choose their own goals and services.



Our Agency works in conjunction with several county agencies and providers to implement in-home and out-of-home services which can include but are not limited to:


Ø  Counseling and parent support that is designed to keep children at home with their parents; prevent abuse, neglect and exploitation; and help overcome problems that do or could result in dependency or delinquency

Ø  Foster Care when it becomes necessary to remove a child from their home in order to ensure their safety and well-being

Ø  Programs that are designed to reunite the child with their family when a child is in foster care; in the event the child cannot return home, there are other programs that provide a permanent family for the child, such as adoption.



You can reach us by mail at:

Huntingdon County Children’s Services

Courthouse Annex II

430 Penn Street

Huntingdon, PA  16652



You can also call or fax us at:

(814) 643-3270 (phone)

(814) 643-7323 (fax)



Our hours of operation are:

Monday through Friday

8:30am – 4:30pm



If you have an emergency and need to contact Huntingdon County Children’s Services AFTER HOURS, please call

(814) 643-4300

You can also call the Borough or State Police, or 911



Organization Chart December 2011.docx