In January 2007, long time Warriors Mark Township Supervisor, Donald E. Bickle, passed away unexpectedly.

What a loss to the functionality of the Township and a loss to the citizens of the Township that Don truly loved.  Don served the citizens with pride and staunch dedication, not only as Roadmaster, but unofficially and quite effectively provided the service that one would expect from a Township Manager;  for which Don saw no reimbursement for his time.  Don spearheaded the improvements to the Township highway system, improving drainage, widening, leveling and paving most of the Township mileage.  PennDot’s Local Government Representative commented that Warriors Mark Township Roads are superior to most of the State Highways in his district and second to none to the other township highways in Huntingdon County.

Additionally, Don tapered embankments, realigned intersections, kept the rights-of-way mowed and trimmed in the Spring, Summer and Fall and the roadways plowed in the Winter; removed trees and other debris throughout the year, day or night, rain, snow or shine.  Much of the 9-1-1 signage, along with other signage, that Don originally installed, he reinstalled due to accidents, criminal mischief or theft.  Don performed most of the maintenance and repairs of Township road equipment.  He responded to any and all requests for assistance, from driveway installation inspections to criminal activity.  He possessed an in depth knowledge of the matrix of the Township.  Don’s wife, Edna, answered the Township phone and monitored the many faxes received by the Township from the corner of their dining room and accompanied Don from time to time as he cleared debris and trees from roadways.

In addition to Don’s dedication to the Township, a full-time commitment to a part-time position, he and Edna plotted grave sites and maintained the Burket Cemetery acreage in a pristine golf course-like condition.

Don’s dedication to the Township was only overshadowed by his dedication, support and love for his family.  How lucky they were to have had Don as a husband, father and grandfather.  His extended family was huge and thankful for the role Don played in their lives.  Warriors Mark Township was also very lucky to have had Don as a dedicated, unselfish, untiring servant, caretaker, leader and friend.

We miss you, Don!