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Curbside Recycling Program

The Curbside recycling program in Walker Township has changed!

The program has been "privatized", and there are three haulers at this time, Park's Garbage, Worthy's Refuse, and Querry's Sanitation Service, that are participating in the current program.  You must be a customer of one of these haulers to continue to participate in the program.  If you have another hauler, but are interested in continuing to participate, you can call Park's Garbage to discuss how you may be able to participate for a small monthly fee.  These haulers will be supplying you with their own recycling containers, and you will need to return your yellow container to the Township office or the County recycling office as soon as possible so that you will not be responsible for the cost of the container.

If you do not want to participate with the curbside recycling program, you can still take your recycling to the dumpsters located at the Smithfield Township building.  The recycling there is the same as you are used to with the curbside service.  The innovative concept behind this program is that it allows recycled materials to be placed in the same container. The materials are later separated at a recycling facility. As with other recycling programs, materials must be properly prepared. Only the following the materials will be collected:

· Plastic bottles with necks smaller than the bases - make sure to remove the lids or caps.

· NO Glass

· Aluminum beverage cans, steel food & beverage cans & Bi-metal & empty aerosol cans.

· Newspapers & glossy inserts, Phone books, catalogs, magazines & junk mail. Office paper, strands of shredded paper & paperboard (cereal & shoe boxes, etc.)

· Cardboard - flatten/pull boxes apart