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Walker Township Municipal Authority
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Ordinances & Comprehensive Plan

Comp. Plan:

Walker Township Comprehensive Plan

Walker Township Comprehensive Plan, Part III


Zoning Ordinance:

Zoning Ordinance, adopted April 24, 2006

Zoning Ordinance, amended 7/11/11

Zoning Map, April 24, 2006

Zoning Ordinance, amended 9/14/15 - CURRENT ORDINANCE

Zoning Map (amended 9-14-15) - CURRENT MAP


Development Permit Ordinance (like the old building permit ordinance - has to do with development and flood plain requirements)

Development Permit Ordinance, 10-8-12

Development Permit Application, 10-8-12


Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance:

subdivision and land use ordinance.pdf

Subdivision app for Walker Twp (Combined Application).pdf ‚Äč( print to fill out only)


Township 911 street naming map

911 street name map - January 2006


Township Road Map:

Walker Township Road Map