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Bulding Permits Required


801.  Persons desiring to undertake any new construction,
structural alteration, or changes in the use of a
building or lot shall apply to the Zoning Officer
for a Zoning Permit by filling out the appropriate
application form and by submitting the required fee.
The Zoning Officer will then either issue or refuse
the Zoning Permit or refer the application to the
Zoning Hearing Board. After the Zoning Permit has
been received by the applicant, he may proceed to
undertake the action permitted by the Zoning Permit
and upon completion of such action shall apply to
the Zoning Officer for an Occupancy Permit where
such a Permit is required. If the Zoning Officer
finds that the action of the applicant has been
taken in accordance with the Zoning Permit, he will
then issue an Occupancy Permit allowing the premises
to be occupied.