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Planning & Development

Job Title

Director of Planning and Development


Heather Fellman


Department - Planning and Development
Supervisor - County Commissioners
Date Revised – January 17, 2020

II. Job Statement
The Planning Director is responsible for the direction, leadership and general oversight of the Huntingdon County Planning Commission and Planning and Development Department.  He/she administers the current and long range planning program for the County, and coordinates the delivery of the agency’s programs and services.  The Director leads planning, implementing, and monitoring all agency activities including: comprehensive land use, transportation, growth management and infrastructure planning, budget preparation, administration, personnel management, development of annual work program, and public information.   The Director performs complex planning work as the chief staff planner for Huntingdon County. 
He/she represents the County at local, state and national levels regarding planning issues.  Work performed is under the general direction of the County Commissioners and Planning Commission.

III. Job Duties/Responsibilities
1. Plans, organizes and directs the activities of professional, technical and clerical personnel engaged in the County's planning and community development program, including projects, services, employee issues and customer requests.
2. Supervises professional, technical, and support staff, including determining workloads and schedules, developing and interpreting policies and procedures, evaluating staff performance, making hiring and termination recommendations, training, and maintaining personnel records. 
3. Prepares and administers the programs and policies of the Planning Commission, serving as technical advisor to the Planning Commission and County Commissioners as well as municipal officials.
4. Identifies and recommends planning and development issues or projects for consideration by the Planning Commission.
5. Prepares both short and long range plans:  county comprehensive plan, feasibility studies, technical studies, municipal plans.
6. Represents the Planning Commission and County Commissioners at public meetings and at conferences with other public and private groups.
7. Provides review and comment on land development proposals to the County Planning Commission and local municipalities. 
8. Supervises public involvement in the development of planning studies, plans and ordinances through the use of advisory committees, public meetings, public hearings, community surveys, and other techniques.
9. Maintains a county statistical database (population and demographic data, land use data etc.), reference information on various planning topics, and information on federal, state and local legislation and regulations pertaining to planning; and disseminates information to the public on request.
10. Responsible for departmental fiscal management including the preparation and monitoring of an annual budget.
11. Responsible for preparing monthly staff activity reports and the Planning Commission’s Annual Report.
12. Administers County and municipal planning and development activities. 
13. Negotiates all contracted services of the Planning Commission.
14. Directs the evaluation, update and revision of County and/or municipal land development ordinances.
15. Evaluates zoning, subdivision proposals for code compliance, and conformance to comprehensive plan.
16. Assists planners in reviewing major residential, commercial, and industrial development proposals; evaluates alternatives and conformance with municipal ordinances and the County Comprehensive Plan.
17. Functions as grant writer for department for land use related projects - develops local, state, and federal grant proposals and administers grants.
18. Serves as staff cartographer - develops planning-related mapping applications using Geographic Information System computer software.
19. Serves as the primary staff support to the Partnership for Economic Progress meetings.
20. Provides oversight and technical advice to Commissioners regarding the Enterprise Zone Revolving Loan Fund (EZ-RFL).
21. Oversees the County’s Act 13 Legacy Fund and Municipal grant application process.
22. Serves as the County representative at the SAPDC Rural Transportation Technical Committee (RTTC) for transportation planning needs.
23. Provides primary staff support to the County Active Transportation Committee (ATC).
24. Represents the County at the SAPDC Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) to provide regional planning needs and advice.
25. Coordinates with the Emergency Management Agency on the preparation and oversight of the Hazard Mitigation Plan.
26. Provide staff support to the South Central Counties Solid Waste Agency for Solid Waste Planning and Recycling services.
27. Serves as project manager for complex planning projects; manages consultant contracts including determining scope of work and budgets, tracking budgets, and approving contract payments.
28.  Confers with and provides information to property owners, contractors, developers, engineers, architects, and the public regarding conformance to county ordinances, the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code, and the County Comprehensive Plan.
29. Reacts productively to change and handles other essential duties as assigned.

IV. Job Specifications
A. Education
A BS or BA from a college or university with a major in planning, public administration, geography, landscape architecture or any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the required skills and abilities.  A Masters Degree in Planning and/or accreditation through the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) is highly desirable but not required.
B. Experience
Extensive experience in community planning and development is required including supervisory experience.
C. General Requirements
 Good working knowledge of office terminology, procedures and equipment, including a personal computer, and telephone.
 Good knowledge of business arithmetic, statistics and English grammar.
 Ability to speak and write English effectively.
 Ability to type from clear copy or rough draft at a reasonable rate of speed.
 Ability to understand and follow both simple and complex oral and/or written instructions.
 Ability to communicate in an appropriate manner and get along well with others.
 Ability to make major and minor decisions using good judgment and acting in accordance with established policies and procedures.

D. Specific Requirements
Extensive knowledge of the principles and practice of community planning and local government administration; ability to maintain effective working relationships with elected and appointed officials, developers, design professionals and the general public; ability to interpret and apply technical land use regulations; ability to write clear and concise reports and correspondence; ability to organize, supervise, and carry out complex research projects and present the results effectively in oral, written, and graphic form; ability to use a personal computer.
E. Physical Requirements
Lifting/Pushing - 1
Climbing/Balancing - 1
Stooping/Bending - 1
Standing/Walking - 2
Grasping/Reaching - 2
Repetitive/Dexterity - 4
Sitting - 5
Reaching - 1
Hearing - 5
Speaking - 5
Vision - 5
Inside - 5
Outside - 2
Heat/Cold - 1
Wet/Dry - 1
Noise/Vibrations - 1
Hazards - 1
Fumes/Dust/Odors - 0