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Welcome Users of the Huntingdon County Web Mapping Tools

The Huntingdon County Mapping Department is no longer supporting the original web mapping site which was built using ArcGIS Server technology. We found the site to be difficult to maintain and customize. Users of the original site are being asked to discontinue use and begin using the new site. We apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause, but we feel that the new site offers additional features and tools that could not be provided in the original site.

The new site, built with Adobe Flex and using ESRI ArcGIS Flex Viewer offers more search tools, better functionality, and a more pleasing user interface. The Flex site was built primarily by Mapping Department staff with assistance from ESRI and L.R. Kimball, Inc., the County GIS Consultant.

Although the map appearance is similar to the original site additional tools have been added like the Emergency Services, Elevation Profile, and Bookmarks tool. Improvements have been made to the search, draw, and map print tools. Help with using the Flex site is available on the site.

Registration to the site is no longer necessary. Please read the disclaimer before you continue to the mapping site.


While every reasonable effort has been made to produce high-quality map data, Huntingdon County provides this information with the understanding it is not guaranteed to be accurate, correct, or complete, and conclusions drawn from such information are the responsibility of the user. Huntingdon County assumes no responsibility for actual or consequential damage incurred as a result of any user’s reliance on this data or information herein, even if Huntingdon County is advised of the possibility of such damage. The mapping information provided are not a survey and are not legally recorded, and are not intended to be used as such. Users are requested to notify Huntingdon County Mapping Department of any errors or discrepancies found in using the data. Huntingdon County is providing the data “as is”, without any guarantee of technical support.

By clicking Agree you are agreeing to the terms of the disclaimer above.

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