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Map Gallery

These maps are freely available in PDF format for anyone to download and print at 8 1/2" x 11" except where noted.  If you would like to have any of them printed by the Mapping Department or you have a custom map request, please see our GIS Data Sales page.

Additional Items Available

In addition to these downloadable maps, we also have the Huntingdon County Map Book and the Huntingdon County Transportation Map for sale.  Requests for these products can be made via phone or email.  Shipping costs will be added to the cost of all map products not picked up at our office.

Map Book - $50.00

The 2009 Huntingdon County Map Book is an 11" x 17" full color book that has map coverage of the entire county at a scale of 1:8000.  It includes a number of layers from our GIS system, including roads (with address ranges), emergency service provider locations, public lands, waterbodies, and various other features.  It also includes a complete street index of all public and private roads in the county.

Transportation Map - Free

The Huntingdon County Transportation Map is a 34" x 44" map of all major public roads in the county.  It also shows public lands, major waterbodies, and various other features.


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