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911 Addressing Status Report

At the start of the 911-addressing project the Huntingdon County Planning and Development Department divided the county into six addressing regions for field data collection and 911 addressing. Addressing regions were based on municipal boundaries and United States Postal Service zip code areas.  For the purpose of this report, information is provided based on the addressing region.  The Huntingdon County Mapping Department, created in January 2008 is currently responsible for 911 addressing.

  • Region 1 - Addresses Released
    Region 1 includes Warriors Mark, Franklin, Spruce Creek and Morris Townships and Birmingham Borough.  The addressing staff identified 2,532 addressable structures in this region.  The addressable structures included residential, commercial, seasonal, and industrial uses.  Addresses were released in this region in November of 2001.
  • Region 2 - Addresses Released
    Region 2 includes Jackson, Barree, West, Logan, and Porter Townships and Alexandria and Petersburg Boroughs.  The address release for this area only included the Alexandria and Petersburg Zip Code Area of these municipalities.  Staff identified 4,750 addressable structures in this region.  Addresses were released in this region in October 2003.
  • Region 3 - Addresses Released
    Addressing Region 3 includes 9 townships (Miller, Oneida, Henderson, Smithfield, Walker, Juniata, Penn, Lincoln and Hopewell) and 2 boroughs (Huntingdon and Marklesburg).  Within this region there are 8 zip code areas including Huntingdon, which is the largest.  The Huntingdon Zip Code area with 2,715 of the 10,090 addressable structures in this region were addressed in the spring of 2006.  Note that Huntingdon Borough and the Village of Smithfield were not readdressed.  The balance of the region's addresses were released in March 2008.
  • Region 4 - Addresses Released
    Addressing Region 4 includes Brady, Union, Cass Townships and Mill Creek, Mapleton, and Cassville Boroughs.  Staff identified 2,090 addressable structures within this region.  All field data collection is completed in this region.  On March 9, 2007 1,139 addresses for the Allensville, Mapleton, Mill Creek and Saltillo post offices were released.  The balance of the region, 310 addresses, was released in June 2007. 
  • Region 5 - Addresses Released
    Addressing Region 5 includes Todd, Wood, and Carbon Townships and Coalmont, Dudley, and Broad Top City Borough.  Approximately 2,684 new 911 addresses were released on March 28, 2008 for residents of Region 5.  This address release completed the Huntingdon County Addressing Project.
  • Region 6 - Addresses Released
    Region 6 is the largest region in the county and includes 6 townships (Shirley, Cromwell, Tell, Dublin, Springfield, Clay) and 7 boroughs (Mt. Union, Shirleysburg, Orbisonia, Rockhill, Shade Gap, Three Springs, and Saltillo).  New 911 Addresses were released to 2,470 homes and businesses in early October 2005.  The balance of Region 6 addresses were released August 3, 2007 with the release of 1,001 addresses for Three Springs.  No new addresses were released for Mount Union Borough where previous addresses were retained.
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