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Clerk of Courts Services

The Clerk of Court is responsible for:

  • Receive and execute applications for the United States Passport Agency (go to for online passport forms)
  • Docket, index and maintain all criminal cases from 4 District Magistrate offices
  • Accept bail when appropriate in criminal cases
  • Issue bench warrants at request of District Attorney or Probation Department
  • Docket, index and maintain all juvenile dependency and delinquency court cases and proceedings
  • Attend criminal trials as an officer of the Court.
  • Swear in witnesses, jury panels and tip staff
  • Announce verdicts
  • Assess costs for all defendants processed in court payable to the Department of Revenue, Huntingdon
  • County and area municipalities
  • Supply PennDOT with information on the guilt or acquittal of each defendant charged with a motor vehicle violation
  • Compile information and issue forms to Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts on all persons disposed of and sentenced in court as to charges, gradings of crime, date of sentences, length of probation or imprisonment, court costs and fines, and bail and attorney information
  • Issue subpoenas for appearance in court at request of attorney
  • Docket, index and maintain summary appeals by defendants from magistrates and defendants
  • Criminal record searches for various organizations including Penn State Police and United States Armed services, and employment departments.


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