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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our most common questions regarding recycling. If you do not find your question here, please contact us at: 814-643-1360 or

What can we recycle at the Huntingdon County Drop-Off locations?
Aluminum cans, steel/tin cans, bimetal cans, dry newspapers, dry telephone books, dry magazines and catalogs.
Can we recycle paint in Huntingdon County?
Dry up old latex paint by dumping it onto newspapers or adding clay based kitty litter.  If you have a gallon or more call your local church, Salvation Army, or a local theater group to see if it can be reused.

Any oil based paint can be disposed of during our household hazardous waste  collection in October.
Are plastics recycled in Huntingdon County?
Huntingdon County residents can recycle plastics and glass during one of our special collections.  Huntingdon Borough collects 1 & 2 clear plastic bottles at their curbside program. Contact your local Recycling Coordinator for further information.
Do we have to remove labels from all jars and cans that are to be recycled?

​No, you do not have to remove labels, but make sure all recyclables are clean and no food products are left in containers.

How should we prepare our newspaper for recycling?

​Tie stacks of newspapers with string or place in brown paper bags.

Where is the nearest drop-off location to my home?

​Call your local coordinator for further information or for a map of county drop-off locations click here.

Are there any curbside collection programs in Huntingdon County?

​​Huntingdon Borough is a mandated community and they have their own program.
Click here for Huntingdon Borough Curbside Recycling information.

Several other communities participate in a Voluntary Curbside Recycling Program.
Click here for Voluntary Curbside Recycling Information.

Can we recycle tires in Huntingdon County?

​When you purchase new tires the dealer may accept your old tires for a small fee.  Or you may dispose of your tires at the landfill for a fee.  Contact a local garbarge hauler for information.

When did Pennsylvania meet it's 25% recycling goal?

​​Pennsylvania recycled 2.4 million tons of materials in 1996, or 25.9% of the waste generated. 

How much Huntingdon County trash is recycled?

​In 2006 Huntingdon County recycled 10,957 tons of recyclables, 27.6% of the waste generated.

How much Pennsylvania trash is being recycled?

​Pennsylvanians recycle 3.9 tons of material or 32.7% of Pennsylvania's trash was recycled.

Every holiday season we seem to get about 10 catalogs a day.  Can we stop getting so many?

​Yes, you can.  Many businesses send you advertising in the mail that you didn't request.  This mail is called unsolicited advertising, but most of us refer to it as junk mail because we throw it away (or recycle it) as soon as we get it.  You can reduce the amount of junk mail you receive by sending a request to have your name removed from mass mailing lists.  Be sure to include the names of all members of your household and your address.

Send information to the following address:
Mail Preference Service, Direct Marketing Association, P.O. Box 9008, Farmingdale, New York  11735
Even if you have done this before, your name has probably been added back to lists, and you will need to do it again.

I've found some clothes I can't wear and things I don't use anymore. Where can I take them?

​There are many stores in our area that will accept used items like toys and clothes.  Check in the yellow pages under Clothing-Bought & Sold, Vintage Clothing Stores, or under other specific product headings. Also, look up Goodwill in the white pages.

My sister told me that I should be a green shopper this holiday season.  I didn't know what she meant. Can you help me?

​Yes, we can.  A green shopper shops with the Earth in mind.  That means buying products with recycled content, less packaging or very little waste.  A green shopper would probably buy rechargeable batteries for new toys, instead of the single-use kind.  Or they might give gift certificates for time and talent or tickets to an event.  These gifts create very little waste, and keep on giving after the holidays.

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