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Background on Election Laws

The County administers state and federal election laws at the local level.  The County Commissioners, as the Board of Elections and the Registration Commission, determine matters of policy and delegate the administration of the election process to the Registration Clerk. 

In order to vote in Huntingdon County a voter may register in person at the Commissioners Office in the Bailey Building, by mail, online or at a number of state agencies including the Penn DOT Drivers License Bureau. 

Under the Permanent Registration Law of 1937, and the Federal Motor Voter Law of 1995 once a person registers to vote he is permanently registered unless he fails to comply with Motor Voter guidelines.  A primary election is held in the spring of each year for the nomination of candidates.

There are two types of elections -

  • municipal elections, held in odd numbered years; and
  • general elections, held in even numbered years. 


These elections take place on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.  As of March 2015, the County had 28,832 registered voters.   

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